Payment Structures Available for Commercial Equipment Leasing, Financing, & Unsecured Business Loans

Alliance Funding Group (AFG) offers a wide array of commercial equipment leasing, financing and unsecured business loans to meet the different needs of each business. Our leases and loans fall under three main categories:

Deferred Payments

Get your equipment now and make no payments for 90 days!

Our deferred payment lease program offers your business the opportunity to avoid initial lease payments while getting your equipment up and running. Allow your equipment to begin producing revenue prior to making your first scheduled payment.

  • This program allows for a payment moratorium at lease inception.
  • The deferral period is typically 90 days from acceptance, but can extend as long as 6 months.
  • Deferred payment programs help offset the break-in, set up and training requirements associated with new equipment purchases.
  • Gives you the ability to generate revenues prior to making payments.

Seasonal/Skipped Payments

Seasonal/Skipped Payments Accommodate Slow Periods

Our diverse portfolio, aggressive financial structures and competitive pricing will ensure your next equipment financing experience will have the best options available.

  • Skip payment programs permit payment reductions and abatements during seasonal businesses’ slow periods.
  • Seasonal businesses can then match larger payments with periods during the year in which more cash is generated.
  • Another form of a skip payment program would be a quarterly or semi-annual payment option.

Step Up/Step Down Payments

Grow Into Your Payments

Step payments afford you lower payments early in a lease term and higher payments later, or higher payments early in the lease term and lower payments later.

Typically, companies buy smaller units that they have to soon upgrade or replace. With a step program, reduced front-end lease payments allow companies to acquire higher capacity equipment at the onset of the lease.

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For businesses with a consistent revenue stream, we offer quick-access Working Capital Loans and cash advances. When you’re approved in our program, you’ll receive a lump sum of funds that are automatically deposited into your bank account.

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